Dispensary SEO


Put Your Dispensary on the Map – Start Growing Today

Marijuana Dispensaries are not created equal. The different laws and regulations vary not just from State to State, City to City and County to County. This is True of Cannabis Dispensary SEO also. Every dispensary location will have different levels of requirements to be found on the Google Map.

Getting in the top spot of the map in Los Angeles is quite different than a small town in Washington State. One size fits all packages do not fit the scheme of such a dramatic landscape. A true analysis of your site and business is needed to develop the strategy to make you rank high. Package choices with cute names are not what we offer.


Think of where every out of State person who is visiting your State to score some kind buds and concentrates looks. A quick Google search pulls up a map with all the info they need right at the top to be on their way to the local bud store!

If Your Dispensary is not found in this Map you are missing sales and customers…. That is a simple fact. Canna-Grow SEO can put your dispensary in the map on Google and you can be found… it’s that easy. Many things factor into you being found in the top 3 on your new customers’ phone. Canna-Grow can place you there and coach you into how to get the great reviews, add awesome high resolution pics to enhance your store listing and much more.

The competitive analysis we do for your business includes your website and location. These variables have a huge impact on the cost of our service. We are not a one size fits all solution. We do not offer different sizes of packages. We analyze your website, and your business and create a quote based on putting you in the top listings in the Google map.