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Cannabis SEO is beyond doubt the best option for marijuana based businesses and cannabis related products to increase sales and create a Brand. The options for cannabis based advertising is limited making the use of Search Engine Optimization the best way for consumers to find marijuana oriented businesses..

Due to the nature of the legal challenges the current marijuana industry faces companies such as Google, Facebook and many others do not off services such as ad words and pay per click advertising.

At Canna Grow SEO we believe it is only a matter of time till these services become available as marijuana becomes more main stream and is legalized in more places. This however only increases the importance of getting Your Brand and product established before this happens.


The advent of mainstream cannabis will invite major corporations to become involved in the industry. Going head to head with Pay-Per click campaigns against companies such as RJ Reynolds and Pfizer is not a pretty picture.

The time to cash in on the opportunity to create and claim a brand for your cannabis related product or service is now. A National recognized brand and product is the key to longevity and profit in this new landscape of legalized cannabis and hemp products.

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Canna-Grow also offers help for those in need of growing their social presence. The ROI on Search Engine Optimization will dwarf the sales generated by social media. (Think about it…. SEO provides targeted buyers…. Social Media is made up of people being social, not hunting for a product) However Social Media does serve a purpose.

Canna-Grow can help you build your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. These accounts will generate sales however through the use of quality graphics featuring your product and brand you will gain recognition of your brand. The Branding aspect of Social Media and Social Influencers is great for branding. Canna-Grow can get your company on popular YouTube Channels, have your cannabis product featured in videos and much more.

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Great rankings, social presence and videos will get customers to your site…. However the internet is no different than any good business. The name of the game is to keep customers coming back. Canna-Grow implements strategies such as 10% off the first order coupons that help you build an email list of both customers and potential customers that you can send special offers to.

Speaking of staying in front of customers…. Canna-Grow can also set up re-targeting campaigns for you, Once a prospect clicks to your site…. Your custom graphics and advertisements will show up on their phone, tablets and laptops when they visit other websites. Re-Targeting is a great marketing concept that can provide very high conversion rates.

The biggest problem with retargeting is you have to get the prospect to your site to start with. The answer to that problem is Canna-Grow SEO! Higher Traffic – Higher Sales – Higher ROI.


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